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Could I Break It?
EngagerMate Review and Bonus Vacation

EngagerMate Review and Bonus
(Last Chance) Act Now & Get Coupon & All my bonuses

When Luke first told me that he had developed a system that brought mind-blowing levels of real and legitimate Instagram engagement on complete autopilot, all within the Instagram rules and terms, I was skeptical to say the least.

But he was so sure it would work, I decided to put it to the ultimate test! How would his brand new system, Engagermate, hold up if I did everything wrong?

Could I break it and prove him wrong? Read the journey below to find out . . . .
(and about an awesome vacation that can be yours)

Why Instagram?

  • Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users
  • More than 500 million people use Instagram daily
  • 80% of those are outside the U.S.
  • Over 70% of users are under the age of 35
  • Instagram users span all income brackets

What is Engagermate?

Engagermate is next in a long line of hugely successful and sought-after products from Luke Maguire. Known for his Aussie Accent, extreme sales videos, and #1 selling social media softwares of all time that have allowed not only him, but many of his students to create multiple 6 & 7 figure incomes. Luke’s track record and history of quality products are a solid reason to believe that this one would exceed expectations, but I needed to know for sure.

Engagermate is a tool that automates Instagram engagement and growth. You choose your target audience, do a very quick setup and configuration, and then start seeing immediate results. Through AI learning, Engagermate identifies your best potential followers and begins to engage with them. Through learning and optimization, it gets better and better over time (meaning faster and faster growth). Engagermate does everything for you on autopilot, including welcome messaging, keeping your current followers engaged, and finding targeted new followers, all with reports and stats to show you exactly how each and every piece is performing.

Engagermate is a completely retooled and souped up version of its precursor InstaEasy, which has been giving massive success for several years. So I knew I was going up against quite a challenge to prove Luke wrong on a system that had already been tested and tested and fine tuned. But I was determined… so let’s see how it went. 😀

Did I break Engagermate?

Engagermate Setup

To prove my point, I needed to setup my account as poorly as I could. Since people are more likely to trust and follow accounts with real people, I did the opposite and created a brand new Instagram account, made up an unknown brand name in a difficult niche and a profile picture of just text and no photo, added some generic bio info with no link or anything unique of interest. I added a couple generic posts, again nothing special and made sure to not to include any pictures of me or real people.

Engagermate has a very simple setup that takes only a few minutes or less. I decided to do only the setup that is absolutely required, which is to choose a few Instagram accounts that would be your biggest competition. There’s more I could have done that would have made Engagermate more effective. But my whole point was to prove that it wouldn’t work, so I did just the bare minimum.

Engagermate Simple Settings Techclubpro

Engagermate Simple Setup

But I wasn’t finished. I then edited my settings to ensure that only about half of the total features of Engagermate were enabled. Luke would need an incredible system to still work with my setup.

One interesting note is that Luke has built Engagermate so user friendly that it actually took me more time to set it up poorly than it would take you to set it up properly. A lot of tools are difficult to set up correctly, but not this one. Engagermate almost sets itself up completely for you.

Engagermate Test

Engagermate has four speeds: beginner, slow, medium, and fast. They have it pre-configured to start on the slowest setting and work up speed over time. That way it looks and acts the most humanly realistic, both to other users and to Instagram. It also means you get faster and faster growth and engagement the longer you run Engagermate.

I was ready to go so clicked the button and started it running and sat back to watch how it would perform. Almost instantly I began getting followers and likes.

I decided I would have to raise the stakes. I know a thing or two about Instagram, so I set to work to get my account Shadow Banned – a term when Instagram suppresses your content so that it doesn’t show up in hashtags, etc., and so non-followers cannot see it (obviously you don’t want this because it’s very bad for your account). After a couple posts, I was successful – what that means is now Instagram would be fighting against Engagermate to ensure that people were not seeing my content.

Engagermate would have an uphill battle now. I had also disabled Engagermate for a couple days while I worked to get my account suppressed so it would have to start over under the new now hostile conditions. I did no further configuration and made no further posts, and then fired it back up and let it run.

Engagermate Results

To my absolute astonishment, after about a week, Engagermate had actually worked out of the shadow ban and my content was now showing on Instagram again – what that means is that Engagermate acted so much like a human that Instagram decided I was a real person after all. It can be difficult for people to get out of a shadow ban. The fact that Engagermate worked out of it had me absolutely floored!

I gave up. Luke had won – he had developed an outstanding system that even with me trying to crush it and Instagram fighting against it, within two weeks I had 200 real followers (up from 0) on an account with only a few posts and people were liking my pictures and engaging with me. In the days following my account jumped even faster and is now averaging 20+ new followers every day, with likes coming in regularly, etc. That’s with me doing literally nothing, still with my poor setup and only running half the features. A few of these accounts are obviously bots, but the majority of them are legitimate users and high quality profiles.

Engagermate Instagram Followers after 2 weeks

Engagermate Instagram Followers after 2 weeks

Engagermate really does everything that Luke promised (and more!). It is so good that I couldn’t stop it from working. Give it a try for a week or two and you’ll be hooked, with hundreds (or thousands) of new followers and engagement you’ve only dreamed of.

How does Engagermate work?

Some of the features include:

1- AI learning – All previous Instagram engagement tools would work by basically going out, liking and following a lot of content based on hash tags and profiles you have entered and then HOPING people would come back to like your own content. Engagermate actually tracks WHERE those likes and follows come from to show you WHERE your most engaged users are coming from so you don’t waste time engaging with content and people that don’t give you a ROI.

Put simply this makes sure you engage with the people that WILL have the highest chance of being a customer.

2- Welcome messaging – Engagermate allows you to send a welcome message to new followers the moment they follow you back, giving call to actions to brand new leads.

3- Fan engagement – Engagermate allows your fan page to CONTINUE to engage with your fans which are the most profitable and warm customers – a big mistake lots of people and systems make is to focus only on getting NEW fans, but not converting their current one to customers – no worry Engagermate covers this.

4- Engage with active fans of your competitors – Engagermate differentiates who is a NEW and ACTIVE follower of any profile or hash tag vs someone who follows a page but hasn’t engaged with them in years.

5- Iphone & Android apps included – Engagermate connects to your Instagram through iphone and android apps on their respective app stores. This app then connects to their cloud system so users can not only control their dashboard on their computer but ALSO on their mobile device. This unique connection method is how they are able to provide such a service that has never been done before.

6- Growth reports – Engagermate provides 1 click reports from every piece of content engaged with, most active users and where they are from, links direct to all content engaged with – this is a huge value add for anyone doing local marketing to blow the socks off any client you may have and really show how much work has been done.

This is a very small sampling of everything that Engagermate does, and yet enough for you to see the power of this powerful tool.

Watch my full walkthrough here:

How much does Engagermate cost?

Engagermate won’t cost you anything. In fact, Luke has a double your money back guarantee, so if you don’t make money, he’ll give you money.

Now, with everything of value in life, there is an investment.

I argue with people all the time over cost vs. investment. Cost is money you lose, that you don’t have anymore. If Engagermate is a cost, then it’s a bad deal. Engagermate has an investment amount you must put into it, but it will return that and more so it’s actually a positive ROI. It will actually cost you more to NOT buy it than to buy it.

Think about this. How much is your time worth? How much is another sale worth? How much is automatic engagement with real people worth? It would take you more than an hour a day every day to do less than half of what Engagermate does, and that’s if you’re good, because Engagermate is working 24/7. Do you have an extra 1-3 hours a day? How much would you pay to hire someone to do the work?

During launch week, you can get started for $47. That’s less than $0.10/hour. I think your time is worth more than that!

Ongoing, it’s a monthly subscription, and you lock in the low monthly rate forever, even if the price goes up. I know you might normally shy away from monthly commitments. I did at first, too! If I’m investing money every month, I want to KNOW it will return more than I’m putting into it. Engagermate does. And it’s not like you’re making a commitment forever – there’s no contract, you can cancel anytime. Try it for a month and see if you like it.

And just to eliminate all risk on your part, Luke is offering a money back guarantee, no questions asked, AND a double your money back guarantee. If you buy Engagermate, you’re guaranteed to make money one way or the other.

And wait, we’re not done. During launch week only, I’m giving you every single OTO and upgrade to Engagermate, for free, when you purchase through my page.

And lastly, because I want to make this decision as easy for you as possible, I’ve put together my best bonus package of all time. Just for you! Check it out below, including your unparalleled complimentary vacation 😀

Engagermate Summary

Engagermate is the absolute best tool on the market for Instagram growth and engagement. It saves you time, grows your personality and/or your brand, makes you money, and overall makes you look like one awesome person!

Here’s the rundown:

Release date: 2019-May 1

Price: $47/mo

Sales Page: www.engagermate.com

The verdict?

GRAB ENGAGERMATE NOW << click here to go look at it

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My Exclusive Bonuses

I appreciate your time and want to make taking action as easy as possible for you, so I’ve put together an amazing package of my best exclusive bonuses only for you.

Because of the extreme value of these bonuses, quantities are limited. Don’t delay! (Get in now while the getting is good 🙂 )

Bonus Package #1 — Launch Week Exclusive Bonuses

This is my launch week exclusive – only available during launch. For being one of the very first action takers, I’m giving you every single upgrade and OTO included when you purchase through my page! There’s nothing more for you to do, when you buy through my link this week only, they will get automatically activated for you in your account.

Bonus Package #2 — Exclusive WordPress Plugin MegaPack Bonuses

  • Automessage WordPress Plugin allows you to send custom automated welcome emails for several days after a user joins your site or network.
  • E-Newsletter plugin adds a professional management system for your email newsletter and subscribers to your WordPress website.
  • Invite Plugin allows your users to send out invitations to friends to view or join your WordPress site.
  • The Private Messaging WordPress plugin from WPMUDEV allows your users to chat and share files safely on your website through direct messages.
  • Social Marketing plugin allows you to offer incentives for users sharing your products or services on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.
  • Subscribe by Email Plugin allows your visitors to be automatically notified about your latest content in email digests.
  • Simple Ads WordPress Plugin allows you to insert ads on posts and pages across a multisite network.
  • Popup pro plugin allows you to add highly flexible and customizable popups for advertising or special promotions to your site.
  • The Easygram WordPress Plugin allows you to create amazing posts or galleries on your WordPress Site which include your Instagram photos.
  • The Social Commerce WordPress Plugin converts your WordPress Site into a Facebook friendly destination – especially for your social eCommerce customers.

Bonus Package #3 — Exclusive Master Bonuses

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Bonus Package #4 — Exclusive Complimentary Vacation Bonus

Complimentary Vacation from TechClubPro

Get a bonus vacation with your purchase today!

This is my absolute favorite bonus! (Could you tell? haha)

To celebrate your new found freedom of your Instagram growing and engaging automatically, I’m giving you a 5 night vacation in Cancun, Mexico!

Enjoy your stay and when you get back, your Instagram will be bigger, brighter, and happier than ever.

You won’t find anybody else offering this. This is exclusively me saying a great big “thank you” to you. 😀

You get a complimentary 5 night stay ($1,500 value!). You just cover airfare, transfers, food & beverages, gratuities, taxes, fees, and any other personal or miscellaneous expenses you incur while you are there.

Just to make sure we all stay happy (I hate when people hide terms and conditions of an offer):

1) Because I’m paying out of pocket for your trip, if you cancel and get a refund on Engagermate, your bonus vacation will not be valid. There’s no ongoing obligation though, so if you cancel at a later date, you keep the vacation with my compliments. 🙂 

2) You will receive your complimentary vacation certificate 10-14 days after purchasing Engagermate. Because of the extreme value, I’m preparing your vacation package manually, so give me a few days to get it all set up. 😉 You have nothing to worry about though, as long as you follow the steps below to make the purchase, your vacation package will be on its way! (I’ll send it by email, so do be on the lookout for a verification email to ensure it gets to you successfully.) If for some reason you haven’t received it after 14 days (most likely due to an email filter or something), contact me and I’ll take care of you!

3) There are some terms and conditions governed by the travel agency that I don’t have control over. I’ve included them here so you can see the complete value of this bonus. If for any reason you are not eligible, let me know and I might be able to work out an alternate or substitute option. Click here for terms & conditions.

Bonus Package #5 — Exclusive Christmas Bonus every year! 

We’re not done yet! With the epic value that I’m adding to this software when you buy through my page, I could totally quit before now and you would have WAY more than you’ll find anywhere else. But hey, I like you and I want to take care of you not just today, but year after year.

As long as you keep an active paying account with Engagermate through me (meaning buying today and not canceling) and a valid email, I’ll send you a special exclusive bonus every Christmas! It’s my way of saying “thank you” for being on board for the long term and investing in your continued growth and development. Christmas bonuses will be different each year and always a surprise (it’s Christmas!).

I have never seen anyone else offer anything like this before! I’m already thinking of several Christmas ideas for you. I think you’ll love it. 😀 


Here’s how you get Engagermate WITH my epic Bonuses:

1. Pick up Engagermate Here

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4. If by some chance you DON’T get the bonus access; Email me your name and receipt/purchase # and I’ll take care of you!

5. If you don’t see my ID at checkout, you can try Clearing your cookies in your web browser and then try again.

Cheers to you!

Get EngagerMate And My Exclusive Bonuses

StoryMate OTOs (One Time Offer) and Upgrades

Lots of people have been asking me about the upgrades available for Engagermate. They’re also asking if it’s really true you can get all the upgrades free?

It’s true! During launch week, I’m giving you all the upgrades when you buy through my page.

So here they are for you and my take on if they’re valuable or not.

(Upgrades are optional and must be purchased after the front end offer to be activated – but right now I’m including them all for free!.)

Front End:
=>> Engagermate (link)

OTO (Engagement Optimizer):

This shows you EXACTLY where your likes and followers are coming from. No more guessing what works and what doesn’t. Now you know. Adjusting your setup based on this feedback allows you to seriously multiple your growth and target your focus on the best results. So this one is kind of a no brainer to have.

OTO (VIP Training):

This training is going to walk you through exactly how to best set up your account, configure and optimize it for the best results. In addition, Luke is going to show you step by step how to go from 0 followers to 10,000 in 30 days. That’s right! Step by step to 10,000 followers in 30 days! This training is a genuine gold mine.

OTO (Direct Message):

This allows you to send users an INBOX of your choice the moment they follow your profile – this is the first tool EVER to allow this. Here’s the best part, it requires you to set up several different messages and limits how many are sent per day, to abide with Instagram’s no spam policies. Check it out below:

Engagermate Instagram direct message

OTO (All Other Upgrades):

Everything, literally everything, nothing held back. This is an extremely powerful system and packaged not to make a quick sell and leave you on your own later, but to give you the best tools and resources today, tomorrow, and for years into the future. You don’t have to worry about paying more and more. Everything is clear, plain, and transparent up front. It’s an established product that works from the very first 30 seconds. Jump in and see your Instagram thrive.

I hope I’ve given you all the helpful information on available OTOs and upgrades. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Grab EngagerMate Now

MoneyBack Guarantee and Double Your MoneyBack Guarantee

The best part I love about Luke is that he puts his money where his mouth is.

Not only do you get a money back guarantee . . .

They guarantee you’ll get results or he will double your money back – that’s quite a promise!

Luke is known to always deliver, and he has as much skin in the game as you do, to make sure you’re successful.

So you can rest easy making this investment.

P. S. Luke also believes in giving back, so a percentage of every purchase goes to support charity.

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